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 JSC"VMС" is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum profiles in Russia. We proudly supply the market with products with quality that goes beyond the standards.


dies manufacturing

The company uses dies of its own production, as well as produced by leading European companies: HALEX, COMPES, PHOENIX. For the design and manufacture of our products we use pass-through information system CAD / CAM, its components optimally correspond to the needs of tool production.

Main elements of equipment are made from high quality tool steel from the leading European manufacturers (KIND & CO., Edelstahlwerk, BohlerUddeholm).

For the dies’ manufacturing we use modern spark erosion equipment of company Charmill (Switzerland) and metal cutting equipment of company Micron (Switzerland).

High precision of execution of all parts and minimum of manual intervention in the process ensure interchangeability of main details and high quality of the

equipment in general.