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 JSC"VMС" is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum profiles in Russia. We proudly supply the market with products with quality that goes beyond the standards.

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Our ground rule

Our activities are focused on satisfying the needs and expectations of customers, shareholders and staff of the Company.


We are an organization focused on our consumer


We will make every effort to ensure that our customers - large Russian and international car manufacturing companies and enterprises of the construction industry, have always been satisfied with our products and valued partner with us


The buyer of our products is the main participant of our business

We aim to be a leader in the Russian Federation on the quality of automotive components manufactured by stamping and extrusion of aluminum products - profiles, tubes, bus bars.


We are an organization striving to the best positions on the Russian market.


We increase the value of our Society through continuous professional growth of each employee


We are a learning organization


Senior management implements a consistent personnel policy and create conditions for the involvement of staff in the quality management process, motivation for quality.


The staff is the primary value and the main resource of our organization


Ways to achieve sustainable product conformity to all customer requirements we see in:


- improving the quality and reproducibility of of product realization processes

-steady supply and minimize the risk of disruption

- prevention of defects in all stages of production 

- improving the quality of work in each workplace


We are an organization focused on the process approach